Hafnarfjörður Campground Photo
The camp site in Hafnarfjordur is in a large park called Vidistaðatun, located near the town center.
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Campsite Description

The campsite is open from the 15th of Mai to the 15th of September

Hafnarfjordur is Iceland’s third largest town, with around 30,000 inhabitants. A direct translation of the town’s name is “harbor fjord,” referencing the town’s exquisite natural harbor that contributed to making the town an important center for fishing and trade early on.

The town is built on lava, and is said to have an extremely large population of Hidden Folk, elves, dwarfs and other mystical beings. According to mythology, they inhabit boulders that are almost impossible to destroy.

For those of you traveling by car, the airport is only a 40 minute drive away. We are situated in a beautiful park near the town center of Hafnarfjorður, a quiet and cozy area. However, downtown Reykjavik is only a 15 minute driving distance, so you still remain close to the action. Facilities include: WC, showers, washing machine, WI-Fi, hot and cold water.
The camp site in Hafnarfjordur is in a very nice location in Vidistadatun. Surrounded by lava and works of art in a beautiful and child friendly surroundings. Close to the town center of Hafnarfjörður (5 min walk) and close to shops and other services.

The campsite is operated by the scouts of Hafnarfjordur and all profits goes to funding the scouts.

The maximum stay is 7 nights.

You need to own a long cord to use electricity in zone C, you connect it to electricity from zone B across the driveway.

We do not accept American Express.

Known payment issues are that the bank/card doesn't support the most modern 3D secure security feature or it could be because the bank blocks paying out in ISK currency.

Security cameras are located at the entrance with a license plate scanner that opens the gate, you will also get an email with a button to open the gate.
You can pay at the reception which is open from 20:00-22:00 (8PM-10PM) but you won't get passed the gate into the campsite until you have payed.
Campground Details
KT: 6302933329
VAT: 37803
13 year old and younger
0 kr.
Adult (18+) (per person per night)
1800 kr.
14-17 year old
1200 kr.
Badminton (0.1km)
Charcoal grill
Washing machine included
Washing up
Disc golf
Volleyball course (0.1km)
Dogs allowed
"Nettó" grocery store (0.7km)
Public transit (0.2km)
Camper lavatory disposal (box only)
Shower included
Walking paths
1000 kr.
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