Lífsmótun Laugar Campground Photo
Lífsmótun Laugar
Lifsmotun camping is all divided into private sections. Please make sure you are only choosing an area in the price category you select to pay.
Areas A to F are cheaper because they are longer away from the service house.
Campground Zones
Campsite Description
On the farm Hjalli in the valley of Reykjadalur only 2 km from the village of Laugar halfway between Akureyri and Myvatn you can find the small Lifsmotun campsite open all year around. There is a small service house with warm bathrooms (toilet and shower) and a unheated kitchen and dish-washing room. The campground is divided into small private sections and it’s possible to book in advance per eMail or on the phone.

Information regarding bookings:
Our campsite has different prices for each area. Guests who wish to book online must first choose the correct price from the price list and then match that with the Zone they wish to stay in. If the correct zone does not come up as an option it is because it is full for the days that were chosen.

Detailed information about zones / facilities:
Every area is with trees and bushes around. The service house has toilets and showers in heated rooms and kitchen in a unheated room.
Campground Details
KT: 4912080660
+354 864 8790
Adult, Zone M
1800 kr.
Adult, Zone L
1500 kr.
Teenager (13 - 17 years old)
500 kr.
Child (0 - 12 years old)
0 kr.
Waste disposal for mobile homes
Walking paths
Hot and cold water
600 kr.
E-car charging
30 kr.
Pets allowed
Cooking facilities
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Visitors & Services
Price: 1800 x 0 x 0 nights = 0
Price: 1500 x 0 x 0 nights = 0
Price: 500 x 0 x 0 nights = 0
Price: 0 x 0 x 0 nights = 0

Price: 600 x 0 x 0 nights = 0
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Checkin time is after 3 p.m.
Checkout time is at 1 p.m.
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