Hallormsstaður Höfðavík Campground Photo
Hallormsstaður Höfðavík
It is possible to book in advance in a demarcated area in Höfðavík. is next to the populated area Hallormsstaður. The forest is a popular outdoors area.
Campground Zones
Campsite Description
There are three toilet houses in Höfdavík camping with hot and cold water and showers. There are electrical outlets for mobile homes and folding campers, waste disposal, toilet for the disabled, outdoor barbeque, tables, and chairs as well as a playground.

In both camp sites, the garbage is sorted.

The forest is a popular area for outdoor living with a diverse landscape. There are about 30km of marked walking paths you can find on a hiking map. There is a family friendly tree collection/arboretum with over 90 different types of trees and bushes. There is also Hotel Hallormsstaður, a new hotel with 100 rooms and restaurant.
Campground Details
KT: 5902693449
470-2070 /849-1461
VAT: 45220
Price (15-67 years)
1700 kr.
Children under 14 years
0 kr.
Elderly and disabled
1200 kr.
Washing machine in Atlavík
1000 kr.
Walking paths
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