Vaglaskógur Campground Photo
The camp site Vaglaskógur is in the valley Fnjóskárdalur. The forest Vaglaskógur is the second largest forest in Iceland and one of the most beautiful
Campground Zones
Campsite Description
Sheltered and nice camp sites for tents, mobile homes and folding campers. There is electricity in the area called Stórarjóður (B) as well as Hróarsstaðanes (C,D) and Flatagerði (E). There is no electricity in Brúarlundur (A) that is the northern most area.

Pre-bookings are only available for Stórarjóður (B) and Flatagerði (E).
Brúarlundur (A) and Hróarstaðarnes (C,D) are only booked on the site.

There is a playground in Hróarsstaðanes (C,D). In the service houses there are toilets and warm water. Showers are located in Flatagerði (E). Toilets for the disabled are in Stórarjóður (B) and Flatagerði (E).

The forest Vaglaskógur is one of the most beautiful forests in Iceland with many walking paths and a lot of opportunity for outdoor activity.

How to get here:

From Akureyri is about 17 km to Vaglaskógur. You drive highway no 1, towards east from Akureyri, through the tunnel Vaðlaheiðargöng and take road no 833 into the valley Fnjóskárdalur for about 5 km where you reach Vaglaskógur.
Campground Details
Skógræktin Vöglum, Fnjóskadal, 607 Akureyri , 607
Open: 27. May - 15. Sep
Price (15-67 years)
1800 kr.
Children under 14 years
0 kr.
Elderly and disabled
1300 kr.
1100 kr.
Water refill
Waste sorting
Free for children
Hot water
Cold Water
Charcoal grill
Dishwashing facilities
Toilet discharge
Wheelchair accessible
Disc Golf Course
Jumping pillow
Golf course
Hiking trails
Biking trails
Playground equipment
Football field
Pets allowed on a leash