Vaglaskógur Campground Photo
The camping ground Vaglaskógur is in the valley Fnjóskadalur. The forest Vaglaskógur is the second largest forest in Iceland.
Campground Zones
Campsite Description
Vaglaskógur Campsite has five sheltered camping grounds for tents, camper vans, RVs, travel trailers, and folding campers that all offer access to restrooms. There is good accessibility for wheelchairs as well as handicap accessible bathrooms on most camping grounds.

Stórarjóður (B) offers electricity and handicap accessible bathrooms as well as peace and quiet and is ideal for relaxation in a mobile home and folding campers.

Hróarsstaðanes (C,D) is the largest area, situated by the river Fnjóská. It has bathrooms, electricity, showers, washing machine, dryer, and a playground (jumping balloon, climbing pyramid, mini football field, and a sandbox area) and is perfect for kids.

Flatagerði (E) has electricity, showers, washing machine, dryer, handicap accessible bathrooms and a small playground with a seesaw and a swing.

Brúarlundur (A) has a bathroom, neither electricity nor hot water. Brúarlundur is convenient for tents and nature enthusiasts.

Pre-bookings are available for Stórarjóður (B) and Flatagerði (E) and they have been divided into individual slots. At Hróarstaðarnes (C, D) and Brúarlundur (A) one finds an empty area and camp there on a first come, first serve basis. Electricity is not guaranteed on lower Hróarsstaðanes (D).

Vaglaskógur forest has many interesting walking paths that trace through the beautiful nature of the forest. We have a wide variety of tree species that grow in colder climates. Many species of birds live in the forest, most notably the rock ptarmigan, common snipe and white wagtail. Information booklets are found at all camping grounds.

There is plenty of entertainment for the whole family close by, for example Akureyri (17km through Vaðlaheiði tunnel), swimming pool and mini-golf (12km) and golf (3km).

- In the absence of supervisors, the minimum age is 18 years.
-On the camping site waste is recycled and we kindly ask visitors to do so during the stay.
-Cats and dogs are allowed on the camping site, but only on a leash.
-It is possible to buy an adapter for trailers and camping vans from campground guards.

Campground telephone: +354 860 4714
Campground Details
Land og skógur Vöglum, Fnjóskadal, 607 Akureyri , 607
Open: 31. May - 15. Sep
Price (15-67 years)
2000 kr.
Elderly and disabled
1500 kr.
Long-term rent - 15-29 days
3300 kr.
Long term rent - 30-59 days
2400 kr.
Long term rent - 60-105 days
1900 kr.
Lodging tax
300 kr.
1300 kr.
Registration payment
500 kr.
Charging for electric car
Water refill
Waste sorting
Free for children
Hot water
Charging station
Cold Water
Dishwashing facilities
Drying facilities
Washing machine
Toilet discharge
Wheelchair accessible
Jumping pillow
Golf course
Hiking trails
Biking trails
Playground equipment
Football field
Swimming pool
Pets allowed on a leash
Summer opening